DCEmu's Carus Sceptrum quod Ordinatio
Universal Rules for the Forums and Blogs: 1: No illegal/improper content such as warez, links to warez, FTP sites with illegal content, etc. This includes Utopia (boot disk) and illegal hacked browsers. No talking about the process of creating backups or getting backup/warez running on your console (i.e. NO posts about running PSP ISOs/CSOs). 2: No Flaming for any reason. 3: No posting of anything considered spam (signing up just to promote asite, unless relevant to a specific topic). Also if you find a spam thread, report it, do not post in it. 4: No posting links to pyramid schemes (i.e. free ipod etc). 5: Any topics trying to sell anything will be deleted at our discretion (no ebay links to your own auctions). 6: Signature pics may not be bigger than 520 x 120 pixels, and 75kBs in size. This size limit applies to the entire sig, not to any individual image in it. A full sized sig (120 px) may not have more than 4 lines of text. For sigs without images, the text the sig contains should not be larger than the largest allowed sig with text. The staff reserves the right to take down any signature they deem unacceptable. This is the general template: 7: Generally staff are the law and as such have the power to hand out infractions, bans, locks or any other type of punishments at their own discretion. With that said the staff are also the subjects of the rules themselves. 8: Do not post anything insulting regarding site management. If any of these rules are broken, the staff reserves the right to ban you without warning. Punishments may vary from case to case. Universal Guidelines: 1: Normal users may not have alternate accounts unless they are given specific permission from the Senior Staff or Admin team. If another account is discovered the user's alternate account will be banned and an infraction will be placed on their original account. The size of said infraction will be determined by the staff member. This guideline mostly applies to abusers and will not be enforced to the extent that Rules are. What is considered 'abuse' is entirely up to the staffs discretion. Specialized Rules/Guidelines: Chankast rules (Chankast: A popular DC emulator for the PC)
  • Do not ask where to get the bios.
  • Do not ask where to get the get dreamcast ISO's.
  • Do not request to get X game working.
  • Do not show how to rip the bios.
  • Do not help someone rip a game.
  • Don't be a muppet.
  • Do not post anything about hacked versions of the emulator.
  • Do not post leaked beta's.
STAFF ISSUES Staff abuse is extremely rare at DCEmu and we pride ourselves in have a very disciplined and knowledgeable staff. But if such an event has occurred we urge you to report it. Please contact someone in our administration team for such matters (preferably wraggster, Darksaviour69, Kaiser and/or BlueCrab). The matter will be promptly looked into and we guarantee you at the very least a response. Ranks: Administrators = Blue names Senior Staff = Gold names Forum Moderators = Green names News Staff = Purple names Users that contributed to the site via donation = Red names Coders and/or other special users = Bolded names Normal ranks: DCEmu Newbie = 0 DCEmu Rookie = 100 DCEmu Regular= 250 DCEmu Pro = 500 DCEmu Old Pro = 1000 DCEmu Legend = 2000 DCEmu Zealot = 5000 DCEmu Hero = 10000 Join user groups (must be logged in) Pick from: Dreamcast User DS User 3DS User Gamecube User Gizmondo User GP2X User GP32 User Nintendo Wii User PS2 User PS3 User PS4 User PSP User PS Vita User Saturn User Xbox 360 User Xbox One Xbox User Current staff as of October 5th, 2014 Site Webmaster wraggster Site Administration Bluecrab Darksaviour69 Kaiser Lyonhrt quzar Server Administration Martin DCEmu Reviews Webmaster bandit Senior Staff Shrygue Forum Moderators: Dpyro Christuserloeser GPF Note* - Some coders and respected individuals also hold mod powers over some forums despite not formally being on staff.