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  1. SteelBook sales up 500%
  2. Rumour Control
  3. The disappearance of skill in games
  4. Amazon 'Spring Sale' on PC has LA Noire for $5, Crysis 2 for $7.50
  5. U.S. Government Hires Company To Hack Into Video Game Consoles
  6. Next Kindle Expected To Have a Front-Lit Display
  7. E3 2012 is 2 months away. What do you want to see revealed?
  8. Video Games 'good for you' claims parenting expert
  9. Gay rights campaign backs EA after 'mail attack'
  10. UK CHARTS: No.1, Kinect Star Wars is
  11. GameStop to warn California consumers of online fees for used games
  12. Nielsen poll ranks most anticipated games of 2012
  13. GameStop settles Californian class action lawsuit over used games
  14. Japan chart: Vita sales slump to new sub-10k low
  15. GAME crisis drives market depression
  16. Inafune: The Western audience is turning its back on us
  17. Kindle Touch update adds Europe-friendly languages, landscape mode
  18. Reality Crumbles: Whatever Happened to VR?
  19. NPD: More declines at US retail
  20. More March NPD: ME3, RE: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising figures
  21. Ubisoft preparing for 'digital first' consoles
  22. Gears of War designer wants "face-melting graphics" from next-gen consoles
  23. Report: EA to lay off over 500 staff
  24. "Only 36% of parents check game age ratings"
  25. FIFA Street back on top
  26. Game worlds are getting too big. Sometimes the journey isn't better than the destinat
  27. FIFA Interactive World Cup: The 2012 Grand Final will be held in Dubai
  28. Melonie mac climbs the leaderboards for king of gaming
  29. YouTube seeking programmers for next-gen console app integration
  30. Nintendo granted patent for emulating handheld consoles and software
  31. Japan chart: Vita sales fall further in slow week
  32. MCV AWARDS 2012: EA crowned best games publisher
  33. Games studios 'spared' in Sony mass-layoff plan
  34. Prototype 2 gets first 18+ UK live ad
  35. Kindle Touch gets early release in UK and Germany (update)
  36. EA: All franchises to recieve 'online universes'
  37. Most Game Console Power Draw Comes From Time Spent Idling
  38. Amazon launches Kindle Touch 3G in UK
  39. Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary
  40. The Witcher 2 tops UK chart
  41. Newell: Fan feedback is gaming's great advantage
  42. Valve: Bad games are industry's biggest problem
  43. Are Parents Getting the Message On Online Gaming?
  44. Crytek exec backs next-gen 'pre-owned block'
  45. UK's Top Ten single SKUs of all time
  46. Vita hits new new record low in Japan
  47. 14.2m Brits are smartphone gamers
  48. PEGI ratings now set for July
  49. Will we miss the Friday release day?
  50. Gaming Clichés That Need To Die
  51. Baker becomes Game Retail Limited
  52. UK games retail generated £9.7m last week
  53. GAME running 99p Sniper Elite V2 offer
  54. Prototype 2 attacks the top of the charts
  55. Dice: used games block 'win and a loss'
  56. Racing games 'need next-gen' to save genre
  57. Bafta launches young game designers contest
  58. Bringing Movies to Games Retail
  59. Daily Mail asks: Are games creating a generation of murderers?
  60. Big budget console model 'unsustainable'
  61. Notch: EA methodically destroying gaming
  62. Molyneux headlines as GameCity returns
  63. UK MP Keith Vaz has again hit out at games, calling on government to "provide for clo
  64. HMV and Asda "best-placed" to grab GAME market share
  65. Gamers are "exiting" the console market
  66. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  67. Habbo: Online firms fighting short atten..
  68. EA demos blockbuster line-up in London event
  69. Resident Evil: Raccoon City sells 1.7 million units as Capcom's profits dip
  70. Lucasfilm applies for 'Star Wars 1313' trademark
  71. Sniper Elite V2 tops UK chart
  72. Blockbuster unveils VIP Gamer reward scheme
  73. Mario Party 9, 3DS lead weekly Japanese sales
  74. Retail sales fall in wettest April on record
  75. Dark Souls sells 1.19m units
  76. EA CEO: "Mobile games are not going to wipe out the console business"
  77. UK Government making age-12 rating legally enforceable for video games
  78. End in sight for dual ratings as Parliament starts PEGI plan
  79. Blockbuster: Games retail would not survive without pre-owned
  80. Amazon planning a colour E-ink Kindle?
  81. NPD says total US games market was over $1bn in April
  82. April NPD: Prototype 2, Xbox 360 on top; sales down year-over-year
  83. Sniper Elite V2 holds UK chart top spot
  84. Retailers praise 'refreshing' new Call of Duty
  85. 2m games sold in UK during quiet April
  86. Report: Amazon planning front-lit Kindle e-reader for July, new tablet later this yea
  87. Infinity Ward devs take $42m in Activision lawsuit
  88. HMV and Microsoft raise £19k for Teenage Cancer Trust
  89. Social "mid-core" games attracting more paying gamers
  90. Vita sales hit new low in Japan
  91. OPINION: It's May, and already Q4 is hurting retail
  92. "This'll be the best FIFA we've made"
  93. Japan outlaws 'complete gacha' mechanic
  94. Are console contracts the future?
  95. Would an Apple TV kill the console business?
  96. Max Payne 3 takes UK top spot
  97. CD Projekt: The truth is DRM does not work
  98. GAMEfest is cancelled... but retailer hints at 2013 return
  99. My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute sequel tops Japan charts
  100. Is E3 Still Relevant?
  101. OPINION: A moment in chart history
  102. ESA blasts back at the E3 critics
  103. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier new UK number one
  104. On-disc DLC is "plain greed"
  105. 'Console games need to ditch box retail - then I'll start playing them again.'
  106. Infinity Ward working on next-gen shooter
  107. E3 PREVIEW: The UK's most wanted
  108. Rockstar 'has no plans for E3'
  109. DCEmu UK News - New Server and 8 Years Old
  110. Angry Birds: The UK's most popular game
  111. 21m UK people play games, says ISFE
  112. Dragon's Dogma tops Japan charts, shifts 330,000 units
  113. The digital debate
  114. NPD lifts the lid on size of alternative games market
  115. ISFE: GameTrack offers 'unprecedented' data on games
  116. Activision vs Zampella & West case settled out of court
  117. Take-Two: Q4 is not as important as it used to be
  118. E3 2012: Ubisoft excited by 'very strong' E3
  119. Next-generation consoles 'will be the last'
  120. HOT TOPICS: Should we give up on boxed games?
  121. UK Charts: Ghost Recon holds its ground at No.1
  122. Amazon rolls out software update for $79 Kindle, promises improved legibility
  123. E3 2012: Game-only crowdfunding platform opens doors
  124. E3 2012: OnLive comes to LG smart TVs
  125. OnLive's E3 blowout includes new games, easy in-browser access, MultiView and LG's Go
  126. Gaikai-powered cloud gaming coming to Samsung Smart TVs
  127. E3 2012: OnLive claims "millions" of users, 100% uptime since launch
  128. Why are we still so insecure about the quality of our games?
  129. Nearly half of U.S. households own console, says ESA
  130. E3 2012: Carmack: Consoles could become niche
  131. Gamescom next as E3 nears the end
  132. EA prepping "3 to 5" new IP for next generation
  133. Japan: Dragon Quest Monsters sells 500k, boosts 3DS hardware
  134. E3 2012: not quite ready to go mobile
  135. E3's core focus comes at a cost
  136. Come on down to Amazon for all your E3 helicopter and bow games
  137. RetroArch - The New King of Console Emulation
  138. UK government to scrap ICT from 2014
  139. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier tops UK charts
  140. PEGI to become UK law on July 23rd
  141. Sainsbury's enters e-book marketplace by buying Anobii from HMV for £1
  142. 'Huge problems ahead' for mid-tier console devs
  143. A History of Violence: So Where Do We Go From Here?
  144. UKIE readies PEGI campaign ahead of July launch
  145. British man suspected of being part of LulzSec charged in the US
  146. Study Shows Teen Gamers Like Tech, But Don't All Crave IT Jobs
  147. Game may close more UK stores, but also plans new openings
  148. Sony platforms storm Japanese software charts
  149. Breivik trial: "Sitting alone and playing games is not normal for a man in his 20's"
  150. May NPD: Diablo 3 on top, all hardware (except 3DS) down
  151. Sony and EA confirmed for Gamescom
  152. Australian Gamers Finally Get an R-18+ Category
  153. FIFA 12 tops UK chart
  154. All GAME Australia stores to close
  155. French kids to get copyright education
  156. Current games are 'too easy' says Blezinski
  157. Report: Gaikai seeks buyer for $500m
  158. Average UK gamer spent £334 in 2012
  159. Kickstarter successfully funds 700 games
  160. Get Into Games 2012
  161. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes tops UK chart
  162. Activision names $175,000 indie contest winner
  163. Google I/O rumours: Jelly Bean, Nexus tablet and Project Glass
  164. The future of consoles 'is free-to-play'
  165. $40 Max Payne 3 kicks off all-day Amazon deals
  166. Mobile 'could kill console gaming'
  167. DICE: Mobile gaming no threat to consoles
  168. Kid's BAFTAs welcomes gaming nominations
  169. Japan chart: Vita sales plummet in lieu of Pokemon sweeping the nation
  170. Games Britannia: Replayed to celebrate 40 years of UK gaming
  171. Smartphone users spend more time surfing the internet than making calls, reports O2
  172. Japan developers 'can't compete with the West'
  173. Vivendi to sell $8.1 billion stake in Activison Blizzard?
  174. One in three US gamers would choose digital over retail
  175. US judge slams patent lawsuits
  176. Lego Batman 2 holds UK chart top spot
  177. NPD: Europe's Q1 used, digital and social market worth £798m
  178. Molyneux to keynote Unite 2012
  179. 'Too many games are the same', says Wada
  180. EA points to digital future; Gibeau calls NPD "irrelevant"
  181. European Court validates pre-owned, gives nod to digital resale
  182. Sega's Fourth of July sale includes iOS, Android, PSN and XBLA savings
  183. EU bows to public pressure and rejects ACTA
  184. Valve Hands Over Its Own Movie-Making Tools To Gamers
  185. What does the EU used software sales ruling mean?
  186. Japan: Pokemon clears 2 million, Vita sales jump
  187. UK games store count plummets
  188. GamesAid calls for indie games
  189. MegaUpload "will return"
  190. Mobile gamers will soon outnumber PC players in China
  191. Amazon Kindles at £69 on Argos Ebay
  192. Molyneux: Molydeux another reason I left Microsoft
  193. PEGI ratings change dated for July 30th
  194. The console guys are running scared
  195. EU tries to covertly pass ACTA legislation
  196. Currys and PC World reveal top ten tech gifts for Christmas
  197. Sustaining communities 'key to next-gen success'
  198. Ouya's success is opportunity missed for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony
  199. Microsoft rumored among suitors for Activision Blizzard
  200. Investors call tablets the "quasi-console" of this generation
  201. Japan: Ghost Recon beats Anarchy Reigns in latest chart
  202. Seller awaiting payment for $1.32m Ebay game collection
  203. Brits spend just one hour a day away from tech
  204. David Perry: Selling Shiny is my biggest regret
  205. Rumor: Moore to replace Riccitiello as EA CEO
  206. UK games retail down 40% in June
  207. Game sales down 29% in US during June
  208. Fifty Shades of Grey driving Kindle sales?
  209. Gadgets top toy lists for Christmas
  210. Star Wars Fans Fix Up Luke Skywalker's Home
  211. Xbox co-creator: Gamers "voting with their money"
  212. Indie games festival in Boston
  213. Lego Batman 2 tops UK chart for fourth week
  214. Games Media Awards 2012: Will you be a winner?
  215. Megaupload judge quits after describing the US as 'the enemy'
  216. Vivendi 'in talks' with banks for Activision sale
  217. The Decline of Fiction In Video Games
  218. ExPlay festival details 2012 plans
  219. UKIE revamps AskAboutGames.com ahead of PEGI launch
  220. Roundtable: Is The Console Cycle Really Too Long?
  221. Violence against women controversy has altered God of War development
  222. Guitar Hero clone used to teach unknowable, subconscious passwords
  223. E-readers sales see large decline
  224. Amazon to open digital media tech hub in the UK
  225. Guillemot: New consoles enable more creativity
  226. Lego Batman 2 sets 2012 UK chart record
  227. Ubisoft: Lack of new consoles has "penalised" us
  228. Mobile gamers favour mobile devices for home use
  229. Neuroscience May Cure Videogames Industry's Obsession With Guns
  230. PEGI is law - what now?
  231. Ubisoft announces Gamescom line-up
  232. Kirby on top of the Japanese charts
  233. GameStop considering secondhand digital sales
  234. New E3 venue to be revealed tomorrow?
  235. Consoles will move closer to 'PC model'
  236. E3 will remain in Los Angeles
  237. London 2012 tops UK chart
  238. PEGI games ratings come into force today
  239. Game industry "doom and gloom rings hollow" says Ted Price
  240. Amazon drops free Gravity Rush in with Vita
  241. David Cage: I want to challenge players' minds
  242. Amazon updates Cloud Player with 256 Kbps matched files, faster import
  243. Why Kingdom Hearts must return to consoles
  244. Japan: 7 new games make the chart top 10, Mario rules
  245. Ignoring violence in games undermines narrative
  246. How Much Detail Is Too Much For Games?
  247. Discover the 20 games that will save Christmas in this week's MCV
  248. UK games sales hit rock bottom
  249. UK chancellor lauds British video games excellence
  250. Roundtable: The Old Republic's Free-To-Play Future