View Full Version : Chip8 emu - new Chip-8 emulator for Windows

March 26th, 2008, 16:47
Shendo (http://forums.ngemu.com/web-development-programming/102538-chip-8-emu.html) released a Chip-8 emulator for Windows.


Probably everyone has done one so I figured I might try as well.
After reading a few documents and a thread at EmuTalk I was able to do a really buggy Chip-8 emulator which properly runs about 1% of the games

Since this was just to get a basic idea how emulators work I didn't bother to polish the emu or fix the bugs.

Now it might be a while until I start anything similar or fix the issues on this emulator but I was wondering about one thing:
How to actually emulate (make) a sound?
Can anyone post links to some docs about that?
For Chip-8 I simply used system beep which was enough but for any more advanced system (eg. Game Boy) that simply won't cut it.

Thanks in advance for any help on that subject.

Btw: If you decide to download this alpha (should be pre-alpha really) emulator i hope that you will have fun laughing at glitches like I did.


Download and give feedback via comments