View Full Version : Scandisk Problems ?

August 31st, 2005, 20:22
Hey you guys ever have any problems, malfunction, or anything wrong with your sandisk? Dead memory stick? Corrupted?

I have a problem I was going to load up my Tiger Woods 05 and umm it said no memory stick was inserted. I didn't do anything wrong with it such as remove it while something was loading, take it it out when it was transfering through the USB cable B, drop the system, or anything like that. Can this be fixed? Someone told me i need a card reader. . .I tried to format it on the psp, put it in my f***ing freezer to air it out, (dumb I know but I was desperate) format through the USB connection, and open it through the usb connection. Basically I did everything but return and exchange it, and get the PC Card reader! Do I need to to do that? Assistance? Once again I heard that I need a card reader and need to format the memory stick through that is that true?

September 1st, 2005, 07:21
I think I've answered your question in the first thread about this. Its kinda frowned upon when you start multiple topics for the same problem. So far thats three...