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March 27th, 2008, 18:50
Hi all, I thought that I could bring you a update to my psp portal P-SPot.

I'm going to give you a full feature list whats availableon our site currently.
Just to make you remember, the portal is accessable only on your PSP browser. Enter http://psp.gdteam.net/ on your psp's browser and voilla!:p
The chatrooms and forums are also accessable for computers and other mechines/consoles.

I have also added a donation page, where you could help us paying our hosting.
Its 53 Euro's a year, and it would be great if I could earn that money with donations, not for the site itself. thats all i ask:)


Well, here's the BIIIIIIIIIG feature list:
(i dont think there's currently a other psp portal that beats us by giving a bigger feature list)

-News, with the most important psp news, site updates and more important stuff. You can post comments.
-Chatrooms, with 4 english chatrooms, and 4 dutch chatrooms.(supports emoticons)
-Flash games: 14 board games, 11 shooting games, 23 puzzle games, 6 games that involve speed, 11 shooting games and 21 other types of games.
-Flash Applications: 12 apps, not categorised.
-FAQ Section: some questions you might have are maby covered up there.
-Links: Useful links to websites that work well on the psp, and may prove useful for you.
-Forums: PSP Sized forums, phpbb.
-Search Function: Search google with a advanced javascript keyboard for the psp.
-Demo's: A total of 6 game demo's: Ape Academy 2, Dungeon Explorer, Medal of Honour, Smart Court Tennis 3, Warhammer 40.000 and worms open warfare 2.
-Music: MP3 Songs for your psp made by my team Golden Dragon or free to use(means no copyright)
-Video's: Game trailers and funny video's: Furbie Owned in Microwave, Manhunt 2 uncut phone execution, 4 Nightwish misheard lyrics videos, Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron Trailer, UT3 Trailer, Stargate Atlantis Opening Video, some BNN Tequilla videos(hidden camera).
-XMB PTF Format Themes: 23 in total, the best of the best:p
-RSS Channels: only 1 at the moment....
-Homebrew Applications: Bermuda CS 9, C-Torrent PSP, Dosbox, Daedalus, DGEN, Irshell, Lightmp3, Masterboy, Pokedex PSP, PSPoste, PSPTube, PSP-PDA, PSP-Maps, Rhythm, Sleep 'n Wake, SNES and time baby. (all the latest releases, and the emulators wont contain a single rom)
-Homebrew Games: Aaplander, Chromium PSP, CS Portable, CS PSP, Metal Blob Solid, Orbid, Polygun Wars and TetriABetes.(all the latest releases exept CS Portable for now)
-Wallpapers: Categorised in Animals, Anime, Dragons, Fantasy, Funny, Games, Borg Queen X's Holiday 2007, Movies and series, Nature and Scenery, Space and other wallpapers, i guess we have about 200 wallpapers.
-Firmware Upgrades: Only contains 3.90M33, and the 3.90M33 1.50 kernel addon for now.
-Donate Page: To help us pay the 53 euro's a year.(needs beta testing:p :thumbup: )
-AdminCP: To keep the chatrooms clean, to add news, to ban idiots, and some more functions.
-Firmware Check: Checks to see what firmware your psp console got, becouse the most of the downloads only work on firmware 3.70 and up.
If you got a lower firmware then 3.70, a warning message will popup.
-Easy Design, Real easy navigating through all the option the portal has to offer you.


I'm currently working on adding more RSS Channels, private chat rooms becouse of the demand for more launguages and adding more homebrew!





Credits goes to:
The administrators of P-SPot:
-Borg Queen X.
The moderators of P-SPot to keep everything clean:

And ofcource, the food developers need to create all this: