View Full Version : Am I missing something?

March 27th, 2008, 20:30
I have installed cfw on my psp using 2 methods gta patch and made a pandora's battery.

But know I want to mod my ps2 (soft-mod)

I've heard all I need is the Action replay disc, a usb key and a psx game.

If I have these do I have the tools to play my back-ups?


March 30th, 2008, 03:06
If you've got the Phat PS2, that's all you need.

You create the Exploit file on the USB drive, plug it into your PS2 and run the ARMax disc. Delete the BxDATA-SYSTEM 'Your System Configuration' file on your MemCard, then transfer the Exploit version over to the MemCard from the USB drive. It won't just overwrite, so if you don't delete it from your MemCard first, the copy will fail.

Then shut down your PS2, and with your PS2 'Exploit Enhanced' MemCard plugged in, place the PSX disc whose ID you chose for the TITLE.DB file into the disc tray.

The screen will flash a few times, then you should be dumped into whatever BOOT.ELF you had put on your MemCard as part of the Exploit setup (I recommend uLaunchELF).

They fixed this in the Slim PS2's.... A few clever coders are still working on a cost-free way to do the same with those newer models, but they haven't quite acheived breakthrough yet.