View Full Version : PSP Skins from Decal Girl

September 1st, 2005, 19:31
So you have your New PSP or maybe an old one, well theres such a thing as Skins for the PSP that can turn a Black PSP into any colour whatsoever, take a looksy at this one:


Thats one of Hundreds of colourful skins from Decal Girl (http://www.myreferer.com/mydb/?R=04000A043A7A770E444152545440475641157F0E0202157 E0E575650525F545A415F3A0203023A050B020B)

Post your favourite ;)

September 8th, 2005, 21:36
I bought one, cost me about $13 US with the "SuperSaver shipping option). They are made of very nice quality material although they stretch a little when you remove them so removing and reapplying more than once is not going to work out well. Luckily I got mine on pretty well centered the first time. So far I've used my PSP for hours and it shows no signs of peeling off. The only complaint I have is that the holes are slightly larger than the buttons so you cant use the buttons as reference points to line up the sticker. And it seemed like mine was about 1/2 milimeter longer on the left so it hangs over the edge of the PSP on that side ever so slightly. Not enough that I want to try peeling it off and reapplying it. Still, it definitely spruces up the PSP. I chose the "Dragons Breath" design found here http://www.decalgirl.com/browse.cfm/4,3003.htm I like the dragon but I like the girls ass more ;) Perfect place for my thumb lol. Anyways, I'd reccommend these over the solid colored "Skins" they sell in the PSP Accessory section of the department stores.