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September 1st, 2005, 21:06
Sup ppl I started this thread simply because everyone loves to hear about a good game.

The idea here is.
If there is a new or aged game that you think is the complete bomb.
Give it props here, along with what you would rate it on a 1 to 10 scale.
Even if the game has been rated here before, throw your opinion in there:p

People could always use extra diverse feedback on that game there planing on buying.
It really doesnt matter it could be a umd movie or psp game, really anything you think people would like to know about:D
So post your props here for that game you just cant seem to stop playing.
Hell even if youve got a game you completely despise, review and rate it here, cause people just need to know.
Lost for ideas just put whats on the back of the box we dont really care.
Cause what really matters is your opinion, Did you like it? Did it suck? we need to know :cool:
And thats what the review is all about.
So let it rain high scores and bring on the review crew
Its time to get this party started.

I'll start with the first review I will give it on Metal gear acid
Metal Gear Acid, Solid snake is back, and this time he got a fancy for playing cards. Thats right this game is a tactical turn base card driven game, everything you do in this game requires a card to do that action.
You would think this would completely ruin a metal gear game.
However Think final fantasy tactics meets metal gear solid.
This game freaken rocks and with a party of characters to controll, the action gets pretty deep. To make a long review of a great game short.
If you are a metal gear fan, and a final fantasy tactics fan. there is no reason you will not love this game. I give it an 8.0 a must have