View Full Version : How do I use cheat codes with the GPSP emulator?

Ultimate warrior
March 31st, 2008, 21:57
I'm using UO Kai 3.2 test 8.7. I'm trying to both, use saves from www.gamefaqs.com (in XPS/ SPS format) and create a cheat list I can use. I am having a problem however. I have a file that says CHT in the emulator, but nothing is inside. So I create a notepad file and type...

PAR_V2 whatever

I rename the text document to the same name as my ROM (w/out the .GBA file extension), and the damn thing isn't recognizing that I have created a cheat. Ok, so I rename BOTH the folder AND the notepad file to the same name as the ROM. Same thing happens, except this time there is a little black screen that pops up (it says something about opening the file, but since it didn't work, I'm guessing it said it couldn't open it.) I also tried loading thos save files (put them in the SAV file) but it didn't see those either!! I can't just ignore this either, because the games are Mega Man Battle Network series. There are some chips and stuff that I can only get through cheating and loading the .SVS save files. Anyone who has played this series should know what I'm talking about. Some one help!

May 30th, 2008, 14:10
this is wat i do - to get the codes working

instead of typing in PAR_V2 i type PAR_V3
dont put your cht file in another folder in the CHT folder
make sure ur file is a CHT file
plus u must use notepad then save the file as .CHT not .txt
u do not rename any folder

watch this i hope it helps

May 26th, 2009, 16:28
The youtube link is dead.
Could u plz upload another or give me a link to another vid.
or could u just explain how to put cheats in the psp emulator.
doesn't matter which way i get the information i need.

THX IN ADVANCE :thumbup: