View Full Version : Just "installed" my d2ckey with wii-clip

April 4th, 2008, 21:19
I want to say something about this one.

i installed my wii-clip today with a presoldered d2ckey on it :D (i'm lazy) and i'm writing this to anyone who is interested of buying this.

so i disassembled my wii and when was about to press my wii-clip on the IC chip i thought that i would break the dvd drive, cus i had to press very hard to get it to fit, but no the three resitors around the IC chip was in the way, so i had to cut off a little bit on the sides of the clip to make it fit properly.

and if that wasn't enough when i got the clip to fit, then i was about to put my drive together, and then i noticed that the wii-clip was in the way :eek:, and i just though aah f*ck no, so i had to cut a hole in the metal plate under the wii-clip to make it fit :(
but then it was just to reassemble the wii again..

the good side of this is that it works flawless, my first try :) and it booted my original SMG and the backup of the same game too:), so did the other games too :).

so it took me about 2.5 hours to disassemble my wii and install the wii-clip, and on their homepage it says it only takes 10 minutes, haha what a load of crap, but it works anyway..

it maybe has something with that i bought my wii on the friday after christmas -07, and my wii has a serial number WAY over the serial that d2c drive begins with.. so they maybe changed the metal plate or something inside the wii, and the three resistors that was in the way, i couldn't see them on wii-clip's homepage..

but i'm satisfied cus i really don't want to try and solder on those extremley small legs, and it was a lot cheaper to buy a presoldered wii-clip with d2ckey than sending my wii in for modding:).

EDIT: and i forgot to say that the wii has thousands of different screws in it, so i mixed them together, and had to guess which one to go in that hole and so on..