View Full Version : for those of you with the umd tools vista problem

April 5th, 2008, 03:32
well maybe many of you knew but others dont original post by jamestanner

Firstly, DO NOT ask where to get them. DONT post links either!!

Ok, i was gutted when i found this crashed on vista...

a few forum searches turned up people tried renameing the EXE eg Umdstreamcomposer.exe to der.exe and it worked... they then got into conspiracys of MS blocking certain apps.

Anyway, this wasnt plausable, so i looked into it. its not the EXE thats the problem, its the manifest file.

Manifest files are used to force certain parts of a program to maintain there visual styles within xp, and therefore isnt needed for vista.

Simply delete Umdstreamcomposer.exe.manifest & it will work under vista.
(yes its .exe.manifest !!)