View Full Version : Removing game patches

April 6th, 2008, 21:27
Okay, I hadn't played Oblivion for awhile. I had just finially got xbox live and when I went to play it said I had to update the game. So I did. Unfortantly it patched the money hack where you can get all the money you need for the rest of the game(I like using it because I get frustrated and quit the game when I don't have money.). So naturally I'm quite angry and would like to get rid of that patch. Is there anyway of doing it? Possibly deleting the saved games or maybe it the patches go into the firmware and can't be removed. Is there anyway to get rid of this patch? Even if I have to buy a memory card or something I will because I enjoy this game so much and this wrecked it for me.

EDIT: I've figured it out. It will remove all patches but I don't care. I'll just update my games again except oblivion. Just don't sign into xbox live on oblivion :P

EDIT: All I did was do the money hack after removing all patches then I applied the newest patch again because without patches there's quite a few defects. Now I have alot of money and can enjoy the game :)