View Full Version : Dead SLIM Battery, Won't Register, Won't Charge.

April 7th, 2008, 07:43
100% totally dead PSP Slim battery...anyone else have this problem? I never used it for Pandora, although I put it into a FAT PSP because I had no other battery. After I did that (and while I did that it didn't read it either) it now doesn't even register as being in.

The FAT battery registers in both units, and the charge light comes on.

The SLIM battery does not...is this an isolated incident, or have others experienced this as well?

EDIT: Ok...No idea WTF I did...or how...but it's WORKING again o.O

loaded the UPMS program on the SLIM.
converted the FAT back to a normal batt. Exited the battery utility part.
then, on a lark, popped in the slim on the slim
shut it down fully
removed it
waited a few secs
popped it back in and turned it on
still works

So for anyone else with this problem, maybe try that? I dunno...all I know is it works now.