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May 10th, 2015, 23:18
via http://www.aep-emu.de/

A new version of Bochs (http://bochs.sf.net/) has been released.


Changes since the last AEP reported version 2.6.5
Changes in 2.6.8 (May 3, 2015):


Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (critical bugfix for x86-64 emulation)
Memory type calculation support for Bochs (http://bochs.sf.net/) debugger and instrumentation, to enable configure with --enable-memtype option.
CPUDB: Added Pentium (P54C) configuration to CPUDB
CPUDB: Added Broadwell ULT configuration to CPUDB
Updated definition of instrumentation callbacks, see description in instrumentation.txt / Fixed instrumentation examples

Configure and compile

Configure option --enable-fast-function-calls now also used for MSVC nmake.
Some configure fixes for the GTK debugger support.

GUI and display libraries

The VGA update timer mode now can be selected with the ´vga´ option.
Release all pressed keys when the simwindow gets back the keyboard focus.
Win32 gui: Captured mouse cursor now really trapped in window.
SDL2: Implemented yes/no dialog (e.g. for VVFAT commit).
Some fixes for wxWidgets 3.0 and unicode version compatiblity.
Full save/restore support for enhanced gui debugger settings (window+font).
Added debugger support for the term gui using a pseudo-terminal.

I/O Devices
Hard drive

Added Oracle(tm) VM VirtualBox (http://www.virtualbox.org/) image support (VDI version 1.1)
Re-enable "bulk I/O" repeat speedups extension.
Some lowlevel cdrom code fixes for Windows and Linux.


SB16: Fixed OPL chip detection by implementing ISA bus delay.
SB16: Ported OPL3 emulation from DOSBox (http://www.dosbox.com/) and partly removed legacy code.
ES1370: Added MIDI (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI) UART output support.
ES1370: Fixed critical bug that made Win9x drivers crash.
Major rewrite of the lowlevel sound code.
Added mixer thread support (required for all modules except ´sdl (http://www.libsdl.org/)´).
New mixer and SDL (http://www.libsdl.org/) mixer are polling data from the PCM output buffers, the PC speaker beep generator (http://www.squish.net/generator/) and the OPL3 FM generator (http://www.squish.net/generator/).
PCM format conversion to 16 bit signed little endian.
Added sound ´file´ module for VOC, WAV, MID and raw data output and added dual output support (device+file) in midi (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI)/wave mode 3.
Added capability to set up the sound driver per service.


Fixed "Read ID" command for single-sided media (patch by Ben Lunt).


Fixed keyboard scancode processing after keyboard intercept.
Fixed rombios32 code to avoid incorrect ACPI table detection.

Changes in 2.6.7 (November 2, 2014):


Implemented AVX-512BW/AVX-512DQ/AVX-512VL extensions emulation.
implemented AVX512-IFMA532 instructions emulation.
implemented AVX512-VBMI instructions emulation.
Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (critical fixes for AVX-512, CMPXCHG16B and VMX)
Fixed Bochs (http://bochs.sf.net/) segmentation fault crash with Handlers Chaining Speedups enabled when compiling with gcc, especially with low optimization levels.
Reverted removal of reporting Architectural Perfmon support in pre-defined CPUID modules. Windows 8 and Windows 10 require Performance Monitoring to be reported to boot. To workaround possible Windows 7 64-bit installation issues: use bx_generic CPUID module, which doesn´t report Performance Monitoring in CPUID.

GUI and display libraries

The VGA update timer and the status LED timer now always use the realtime mode independent from the ´clock´ option setting.
Added native SDL2 GUI support to Bochs (http://bochs.sf.net/). To enable configure with --with-sdl2.
Added new user shortcut "scrlck" (SDL (http://www.libsdl.org/)/SDL2 using "Scroll Lock" for fullscreen toggle).
Write enhanced gui debugger settings to file on exit and restore on initialization.

I/O Devices

xHCI model now emulates a NEC/Renesas uPD720202 device (patch by Ben Lunt).
Added USB port specific option ´size´ for VVFAT disks (range 128M ... 128G). If the size is not specified or invalid, it defaults to 504M. Hard drive / HD image
Fixed crash when using a "fixed" type VPC image.


Fixed int74_function() for 4-byte (wheel mouse) packets.
LGPL´d VGABIOS updated from CVS (fixed building VBE modes list)


Visual Studio workspace files updated to VS2013Ex format.
bximage_old/bxcommit: removed old obsolete image manipulation tools.
Documentation fixes and updates.

Changes in 2.6.6 (June 15, 2014):


allow sandy bridge configuration even when AVX is not compiled in

Configure and compile

fixed compilation error when 3dnow support is enabled
speedup Visual Studio build by almost 20% by adding /Gr compiler option


fixed minimizing win32 gui window and resolution change while minimized
added compiled SeaBIOS 1.7.5 image into Bochs (http://bochs.sf.net/) tree along with Bochs (http://bochs.sf.net/) BIOS images
documentation fixes and updates