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May 11th, 2015, 00:30
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AMIDuOS v1.0.15.6798 is released. AMIDuOS is a revolutionary new concept that brings the functionality, depth and fun of the Android experience to Microsoft® Windows devices. It runs on nearly any Windows 7 or 8 PC or tablet device for fast, easy switching between Windows and Android environments - without the need to dual boot!

1. Windows 7/8/8.1 64bit Operating System.
2. x86 CPU.
3. Graphics Driver with OpenGL 3.0 or above should be present.
4. Enabling Hardware virtualization (VT) in BIOS is recommended for better performance.
5. .Net framework 4.0 or above.
6. The platform should have,
a) Minimum 2GB of free hard disk space in system drive.
b) Minimum 2GB of system RAM.

1. If VT is disabled, AMIDuOS may not work as desired.
2. Stop recording button disappears in camera app on changing orientation from landscape to portrait during recording.
3. AMIDuOS windows side splash image doesn't appears in windows 7 systems with older graphics driver.
4. AMIDuOS may freeze on system wakeup from sleep while playing video.
5. Sometime AMIDuOS may show black screen on waking from windows sleep in certain platforms.
6. At times on clicking recent apps after waking up from sleep may not work as desired.
7. Multitouch is not supported for InputMapper.

AMIDuOS v1.0.15.6798 Changelog:
1. Added External GPS support.
2. Added support for swap camera manually in configuration tool.
3. Added Swipe at required position and Drag feature for InputMapper.
4. Improvements in starting Virtual machine.
5. Added fix for apps which shows "This device is not compatible with this version in Google play store".