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May 9th, 2008, 17:40
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http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.xbox360fanboy.com/media/2008/05/100clubextend3ed.jpg (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/events/HPCcontest/EN.html)If your Grand Theft Auto IV (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/tag/gtaiv) playing habits have been ritualistic in nature lately, all in an effort to complete the game to earn a key to the city as part of the 100% Club contest (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/events/HPCcontest/EN.html), then we say keep up your hard work. There's still time to succeed.

Rockstar's 100% Club contest, where anyone who beats GTAIV 100% earns membership into the 100% Club AND is sent a real key to Liberty City, has been extended! That's right, the contest was initially scheduled to have already ended, but Rockstar wants to make sure "everyone has a chance to get in on the action" and extended the contest until Monday, May 19th. So, get your GTAIV gaming on, complete the game 100% and earn your key to Liberty City!

[Thanks, Bryan T]
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