View Full Version : psx4all on the pandora

May 9th, 2008, 19:16
news from zodttd (http:///zodttd.com)
I've spent the past few days working hard on psx4all., compatibility is getting better.
For those wondering of the mystery package, it's of a Pandora. The Pandora is a purely homebrew driven handheld with a focus on video games. It uses bleeding edge technology and wow is it fast! At it's default 600MHz using the new OMAP3 processor, Playstation emulation of Final Fantasy 7 runs in-game at 65 FPS (a bit over fullspeed) or higher. When overclocked to 900MHz you start seeing 100 FPS and higher in-game!

While the Pandora will take some of my freetime away at the moment, I am still focused on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch software. No worries there. There's room for both here at ZodTTD. :)

Sorry for the delay in responding to private messages, I'll get right on that now. It's been a busy week indeed!