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May 9th, 2008, 19:40
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http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.xbox360fanboy.com/media/2008/02/videomarketplaceweeklylogo2.jpgWe're going to be honest with you, because that's what we expect you expect from us. This week's list of new U.S. Video Marketplace releases is massive which results in this edition of Video Marketplace Weekly (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/tag/video-marketplace-weekly) being massive as well. Almost too big. There are new movie rentals that range from Paris Hilton's The Hottie and the Nottie to old-school Michael J. Fox Teen Wolf to The Blue Collar Comedy Tour. There's absolutely no way we can group or categorize the randomness and quantity of new XBVM releases this week. Take a look after the break for a list of this week's new XBVM releases which, we must say one more time, is massively massive.Continue reading Video Marketplace Weekly: too many edition (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/09/video-marketplace-weekly-too-many-edition/)

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