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May 10th, 2008, 16:23
Im really anxious to play PSone games on my psp, but i heard in order to do so, the psp must be a 1.5 or custom firmware. Is it possible to downgrade a PSP Slim to 1.5 and convert the PSP Slim battery to pandora's battery? The only reason why i asked is i heard that u dont need the Fat PSP to do this process......

May 10th, 2008, 19:37
Well, in fact you need pandora's battery at first. So you have to ask a friend with a homebrew-enabled psp to make a pandora's battery for you, or you can buy pre-made pandora's batteries (well, there is also the possibility of turning your battery into a pandora by some soldering, but that is pretty complicated...)

May 10th, 2008, 20:12
well i saw some videos on youtube with people turning there PSP Slim batteries to Pandora's Batteries but they didnt say if they had a Homebrew PSP Slim or if they downgraded, they just showed how to make the Pandora Battery.

May 10th, 2008, 20:18
You can lift a pin in the battery to make it a pandora battery. You'll still need the magic memory stick however but it can be made on the PC alone.

May 10th, 2008, 21:25
You can lift a pin in the battery to make it a pandora battery. You'll still need the magic memory stick however but it can be made on the PC alone.

i got that part, but the thing i wanna know is, can i downgrade PSP Slim, my version is 3.60. I was just on another site, and this what the person posted.

Downgrading psp slim with firmware version 3.60 - 12-09-2007


Hi everyone i just had a question about downgrading a psp slim with firmware version 3.60 i have heard that if i downgrade to 1.50 then my psp becomes corrupt is this true? If not is there anything i should be looking out for, or any specific firmware version i should downgrade to. Eventually i plan on installing the newest custom firmware version (mm 3.72 i believe it is called). Thanks in advance for the help.

Re: Downgrading psp slim with firmware version 3.60 - 12-09-2007


Yes your right about downgrading a slim to v1.50. you would brick your psp. as for installing a custom firmware on a slim, you donít downgrade, you just update the firmware thatís on your slim psp. but to do this, you will need to make (whatís called) a pandoraís battery. Have a look over in the tutorial section for some guides on how to do this.

Re: Downgrading psp slim with firmware version 3.60 - 12-11-2007


Originally Posted by Hacker01
after that, insert the magic memory stick, then insert the pandora battery. The lights will flicker for a while. Just press X. Then replace the battery with a normal battery. The process should take no more than 30 seconds.

I dont know if i can post links to another board so PM me if u need the 3.60 m33 firmware guide.

Yes after you place the modified battery into your psp, the green and orange light will flicker. But donít replace your original battery yet. The update process has not taken place yet. When the lights stop flickering, a menu should pop up. Then you press X to install the new custom firmware. a load of file locations will slowly scroll down the screen. This the the custom firmware being installed to your psp. When it has finished, it will ask you to press X to reset your psp. Then and only then, do you put your original battery back into your psp.

Originally Posted by mhmalik
Sorry so what steps do i take after i make a pandoras battery (my friend is making me one tomorrow but since he doesnt have a psp slim he doesnt know what to do).

Also thanks in advance for the help.

Make sure when your friend is making you the pandoraís battery, that he makes it using the latest version. At the moment, itís the v3 youíll need to make. This will install v3.71m33-3 onto your psp. If you canít find the v3 anywhere, click "[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]" and folloew the link under "Despertar del Cementerio". Youíll know this is a safe download. Itís from dark_alexís web site. And for those who donít regonnise the name, heís the man behind the se/oe and m33 custom firmware and a part of the team who brought us the pandoraís battery.

After you have installed the new custom firmware, if your going to use some homebrew stuff like games and apps, then you will have to install the v1.50 kenal add on. Click on the link that I gave you above then scroll down to the add on for kernal 1.50