View Full Version : CSI: Crime Scene Investigation help and review (Nintendo DS)

May 10th, 2008, 17:10
My current game of play has been CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (Dark Motives)....
After thorough game playing I would personally give I high recommendation on this particular game.
But I do suggest you have a complete read of the instruction manuel before playing, NOT A QUICK SCAN! or you will struggle to progress through the differant stages. I do beleive this game is good in the respect it is has a detailed and fuffiling feel to it, this is no cluedo! On the other hand there are the expected floors, some of the clues are so unobvious and hidden to the naked eye this can almost make certain areas impossible complete, I admit I had to search for a walkthrough to give me hints (not an easy task in it's self so I suggest contacting me if this is an issue). Once i realised all the differant areas of clue detction it was an enjoyable experience, this is why I suggest full manuel reading! There are high quality film sequences, large collection of tools and detection devices, locations and characters which add to that oh so wanted CSI TV SERIES FEEL! I think the game could of been slightly longer but considering the large amount of detail etc and it being a Nintendo Ds game it was satasfactory. This a trully wonderful game to keep going back to, for those of us who like snooping around and solving mysterys!

August 30th, 2008, 00:57

I have just bought this game and i am loving it! I have completed the first investigation but now on the one called prints and paurpers or something like that. Any way i have scanned everywhere and picked up everything but cant get any further. I have found the lava, so confirmed time of death and i have seen the emblem on the old guys tie but i dont seem to be able to get anywhere. I have asked the agent for help but he keeps saying he cant help me. It annoys me to have to ask for help because i would love to be able to do it but i just cant get anywhere.
If you could just give me a small bit of help which will help me to move on and carry on solving this that would be fab.
Thanks izzy:p:p:p