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May 13th, 2008, 13:10
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http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.dsfanboy.com/media/2008/05/doggy_party_hats_sm.jpgThe DS might not be a system that can immediately benefit from peripherals, what with it being a portable games machine and all, but that hasn't stopped some from coming up with cool stuff to attach to your beloved (http://www.dsfanboy.com/photos/accessories-your-ds-cant-live-without/791696/). Whether it's something as simple as a stand (http://www.dsfanboy.com/2008/05/06/hori-charge-stand-delayed-coming-to-america/) or a wicked awesome controller (http://www.dsfanboy.com/2008/04/08/ds-fanboy-poll-our-paddle-predicament/), there's been some advancements in the field.

So, we figured we'd ask you what you were all rocking. Whether it's just a simple case (http://www.dsfanboy.com/2008/05/12/essential-extras-monaco-aluminum-case/) that protects your DS, or something home-made, let us know what kind of fun stuff you have for your DS. If we covered it on the site, link it in the comments!
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