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May 15th, 2008, 15:20
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Hi! How are you today? Good, glad to hear it. Look, we have a problem. You see, we run this thing called Game Night every Thursday, where we get together to play games, but the problem has been those darn Wii Fanboy readers. See, they're coming in and playing their Wii games and, believe it or not, they're totally talking smack on the DS. I know, right?

So, what we need you to do is show up here at the site tonight, at 7:01pm ET, then hit the link to the Game Night chat. Once in, we want you to not engage them or start typing in all caps in the chat. No, we just want you to have fun playing DS! That would really show them who's boss. So, we hope to see you at Game Night tonight!
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