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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
My old buddy Morden has made a great compilation with Hyper Final Fight Mods, check out his info and amazing lookin screenshots;[br][br]I must say. I am beyond impressed with both Final Fight mods. They're by far the best homebrew games I have played on DreamCast. I loved the arcade original and SNES versions and I just have to love the mods aswell. I'm a huge fan of Capcom CPS beat em ups in general so music and locations from souch games as Captain Commando and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs really hit the spot. [br][br]I made a compilation disc of both Hyper Final Fight games. It's similar to DCevolutions BOR Mod Collection, but I changed the menu display refresh rate to 60Hz so it would match the games [In DCevo it was 50]. Below you can click on some screenshot links. I know, main screen with the title sucks a bit 'cause of the pink blob and the light flare thing, but I will remove that completly when building a new ISO. Anyways, it's nice to have both mods on one cd. If Gamikaze people and Mr.Q himself think it's cool, I would be happy to upload it somewhere. The ISO is 250 megs. [br] [br][br]01 - Main title screen - to be fixed a bit (http://www.republika.pl/zero3/ffc01.jpg) [br] 02 - Hyper Final Fight in the menu (http://www.republika.pl/zero3/ffc02.jpg) [br] 03 - Hyper Final Fight 2 in the menu (http://www.republika.pl/zero3/ffc03.jpg) [br] 04 - Hyper Final Fight Info (http://www.republika.pl/zero3/ffc04.jpg) [br] 05 - Hyper Final Fight 2 Info (http://www.republika.pl/zero3/ffc05.jpg) [br][br]The Download will be available soon on Gamikaze forum.

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