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May 22nd, 2008, 22:40
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We'd like to pretend that the number one thing that happened this week wasn't the 69th episode of the Xbox 360 Fancast, but we just can't. It's really the biggest thing to happen since we hit episode 050. Yes, we're puerile infants. We're comfortable with that. Oh, and we had plenty of features too, including our video look at Penny Arcade Adventures, a new edition of Points>Life, and a new piece of swag up for grabs. Dig through it all in the links below.

Community Stuff

Video Marketplace Weekly: Sweeney edition (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/16/video-marketplace-weekly-sweeney-edition/)
All the latest on Video Marketplace
Community Content: Back at Blackout Edition (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/16/community-content-back-at-blackout-edition/)
Killing is more fun in the dark
X3F TV -- XBLA in Brief: Penny Arcade Adventures (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/21/x3f-tv-xbla-in-brief-penny-arcade-adventures/)
Tycho and Gabe make their game debut
X3F TV -- Points>Life: Fire It Up! (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/20/x3f-tv-points-life-fire-it-up/)
Easy achievements in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Fanswag Weekly: Lost Odyssey (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/21/fanswag-weekly-lost-odyssey/)
This game, it's 50 hours long, and free!
X3F TV -- X3F Impressions: Dragonball Z: Burst Limit (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/20/x3f-tv-x3f-impressions-dragonball-z-burst-limit/)
Now with more cheese

Xbox 360 Fancast 069 -- Teehee (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/19/xbox-360-fancast-069-teehee/)
Infantile jokes abound

Alert! Microsoft Points scam sweeps Xbox Live (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/17/alert-microsoft-points-scam-sweeps-xbox-live/)
Also, we have a bridge for sale
Canadian currency buried in Halo 3's Snowbound (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/19/canadian-currency-buried-in-halo-3s-snowbound/)
Yet another Halo 3 Easter egg
Funny endings return for Silent Hill: Homecoming (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/19/funny-endings-return-for-silent-hill-homecoming/)
Because if any game makes us laugh, it's Silent Hill
Beware of the "Meat Shield" (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/20/beware-of-the-meat-shield/)
Gears 2 already controversial
GTAIV papercraft is adorable, violent (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/21/gtaiv-papercraft-is-adorable-violent/)
No papercraft hookers ... yet
Halo Wars Alpha is over, new info in June GamePro (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/05/21/halo-wars-alpha-is-over-new-info-in-june-gamepro/)
We can has playable Covenant?
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