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May 23rd, 2008, 22:03
Hi all!
I am new to the forum but I had some problems that I could not find answers for, and thought I would share the solutions here.

First time getting onto the internet with the DS:
You will need:
A nintendo DS or DS lite
A wireless router or wireless access point
(At the very least) a WiFi compatible game (to set up the wireless access)or a homebrew application that will perform the same function.

I was trying to use quite a few different home brew programs with with my DS lite that I had loaded onto a memory chip in a Super Card SDHC and nothing would work. Whenever I tried to connect the program would say connection refused or another program would say that there was no access. There are 4 different DS's in the house and picto chat would work fine between all of them. This led me to believe that the wifi was working but not how I wanted it to.

The problem is that there is some setup needed for wireless internet connection and it is not built into the DS base operating system. I have not found a homebrew program (yet....I have not been looking for very long) that will set up the wireless access on the DS but some games have the program built into them (such as mario kart ds). However, If you put in a game that is Wifi compatable it will not show the wifi set up screens until you are within "site" (30 feet or so) of a wireless router or a hot spot (wireless access point). So what to do?

In my case, I have the Super Card (a slot one device) that has the programs I want to run. I turned off the DS; pulled the Super Card out out and inserted the game cartridge into slot one and the turned the DS back on. This time I made sure that I was within communications range of my wireless router and the game (mario kart DS) now had menus for Wifi setup. I ran through the screens and setup was automatic. The information is saved to the internal flash memory of the DS (the information does not dissapear when you take out the game). After doing this I changed the game out and re inserted the Super card and all of the homebrew programs capable of internet access started to work properly. :D

I hope that this will help any of you that have similar problems.

Additional notes ......
The Nintendo DS is wireless g compatable and will work with most wireless routers (g or n and most b) and wireless access points.
"Wifi" and "wireless" seem to mean the same thing now and are pretty much interchangable in conversation when refering to wireless internet.