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September 30th, 2005, 21:15
Blood: The Last Vampire UMD

I just bought this movie last night and at the back of the umd case it says: Includes bonus documentary of the making of Blood: The Last Vampire. Knowing how short this film is I almost expected to get some kind of extras on the disk. Well to my surprise there is no sign of ANY bonus material at all on this UMD. No documentary, no extra footage at all, just the movie.

Speaking of the movie itself, The picture quality is sharp yet a little dark so you might want to turn up the brightness a few. The audio I found to be a tad on the soft side so your going to have to turn this one up full.

Here is where the UMD gets ugly. If you want to watch the film full screen on the psp you will have to enable the video zoom. (The movie is widescreen but fitting within the size of a 4:3 viewing area which makes for a very small picture). The picture looks just fine with zoom enabled and none of the video gets cropped but why should I have to zoom in the first place? There is also no audio, subtitle or any menu options on this umd besides play. This is about as bare bones as it gets. I almost feel like it's a user made mp4 file placed on a mem stick. :mad:

I enjoy the film but it is just not worth it to buy on UMD. At least for $20 it isn't. False advertising on the back of the box claiming to have bonus material which isn't there. Tiny video size that you need to zoom in just to fit the screen of the psp, no menu options of any kind.. This umd release was just a very poor rush job. Whoever was responsible for porting this to UMD needs a kick in the head.

Stay away from this one if you value your money..

October 1st, 2005, 00:47
That's rather sad, as Blood: The Last Vampire was a great short-ish film. Thanks for the tips, now I'll just buy it on DVD.