View Full Version : MagicEngine 1.1.3 released

May 27th, 2008, 03:00
New version of the commercial PC-Engine emulator (http://www.magicengine.com/uk_index.php?sessid=Z3byBvXt22B4rfsS2ZdFWAfP04Fg) for PC.


implemented missing effects in MagicSystem music player;
fixed a few bugs in MagicSystem music player;
added a new overscan mode 'centered (224 lines)';
added a new option in the pce.ini file '[pce] overscan_centered' to center the PC-Engine screen;
fixed the 'NO CD' problem;
fixed a bug in the scroll bar of the 'load ROM' panel;
improved the '-cd' command line option, the system card path can be omitted now;
added an option to overclock the PC-Engine CPU;
fixed a bug in the PSG DAC emulation that was affecting some PC-Engine demos;
fixed Camp California bug.

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