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October 1st, 2005, 01:13
TALKMAN, brought to your by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., is a revolutionary language entertainment tool set to demonstrate how versatile your PSP (PlayStation®Portable) can be. TALKMAN enables the user to have fun, whilst familiarizing themselves with foreign languages. Whether you are traveling on business, studying abroad, or simply on holiday and looking for a fun way to interact with the locals - TALKMAN is the perfect aid to overcome the language barrier.

Talk Mode:

- With a simple voice instruction, Max will translate your words into the chosen foreign language whilst adopting humorous expressions and movements. He will also provide answers to your questions
- There are 3000 conversation lines (13 scenes) to assist you while traveling. An emphasis on natural conversation, rather than direct translation, allows Max's personality differs from language to language
- The user's language can be changed freely, so the person you're talking to can share the fun
- Players can add "emotion levels" to conversation lines to enhance expression
- The 'Bookmark' function can help find the right words immediately
- The more you play, the better you and Max get along together

Game Mode:
- A fluent speaker in the majority of languages, Max will give the player a pronunciation sample which they then need to mimic. * Max will evaluate the feedback and rate the player on how well they would sound to a native speaker. In addition, there's a 'Listening Game' in which the player needs to try and match the voice to the correct meaning.

Convenience Tools:
TALKMAN comes with tools convenient for traveling, such as a World Clock, Friend Map, Unit Converter, Alarm, Voice Memo, and an Emergency Alarm.

- Friend Map: Players can record her/his new friend's voice and paste it onto a world map, just like an album.
- Unit Converter: Currency, length, weight, area, volume, and temperature can be converted among different units.
- Alarm: The alarm is linked to the Listening Game, so when it goes off, it plays a line in the language that the user was playing with. The trick is to choose the right meaning to stop the alarm.
- Voice Memo: You can record other people's voices anytime you want. TALKMAN makes it simple for the traveler to record words like names of a type of food, shops they are looking for and hotel names etc., in the original language and implement it with a line from Talk Mode (eg. I'm looking for this....).

October 1st, 2005, 09:59

I wonder what will be available in a few years for the PSP - the possibilities are endless!