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January 31st, 2018, 20:38
The DOS Emulator for WIndows has had a new release, heres whats new:

DOSBox-X (2018/01/29) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox v0.74. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
* Linux builds no longer enable window resizing. The ability to
* resize will be added back when the emulator can better handle
* the user resizing the window.
* Windows and Linux now have synchronized build date and version
* Codebase begin transition to C++11
* The Windows maximize button no longer triggers fullscreen mode.
* Direct3D, OpenGL, and Surface outputs updated to fill the window
* in Windows builds when the window is maximized. If aspect
* correction is enabled, the Direct3D and OpenGL outputs will
* scale the DOS screen (with pillarbox/letterbox padding) to the
* correct aspect ratio and center within the maximized window.
* Fixed minor memory leak in MT32 (MUNT) synthesizer usage.
* Fixed uninitialized state issues with DMA channel 4 (cascade).
* IMGMOUNT now allows mounting the El Torito bootable floppy image
* of a CD-ROM drive as a drive letter and accessible (read only)
* filesystem. The FAT filesystem driver was fixed to support working
* from sources other than a direct file.
* PC-98 mode fixed not to register certain built-in commands and
* binaries to drive Z:\ that are not compatible with PC-98 mode.
* MEM.EXE in particular uses IBM PC-specific techniques to gather
* it's information, and is therefore incompatible with PC-98 mode.
* This can be verified from the source code as MEM.EXE was evidently
* borrowed from the FreeDOS project.
* EGA emulation (machine=ega) fixed to render 8bpp (256-color mode)
* instead of full 32bpp VGA output. EGA video output is limited to
* 64-color (6-bit) by the design of the video connector (2-bit R/G/B)
* therefore the full precision of 32bpp is not needed. This will also
* benefit video capture as the reduced color bit depth will result
* in smaller AVI files when recording gameplay.
* Added code to correctly detect 15-bit highcolor vs 16-bit highcolor
* display format support, despite SDL falsely indicating 16-bit
* color in both cases, which fixes incorrect colors on 15-bit display
* Fix up VGA DAC/palette mapping to display the emulator screen
* properly on 16-bit true color displays. Fixed off-by-one shift
* mistake in the DOSBox-X render scaler code that caused
* green and purple tints to colors on 16-bit true color displays.
* Add "Show menu bar" command to the Windows "system menu" so that
* the menu bar can be brought back after selecting "hide menu bar".
* Losing window focus while fullscreen no longer leaves the emulator
* window blank.
* Maximize/restore fullscreen cleanup.
* Removed DDRAW output.
* Fix FAT filesystem driver to clear "success" flag at all failure
* return points. This fixes problems where unrecognizeable FAT
* filesystems are nonetheless presented as a drive letter with
* garbled filenames, when IMGMOUNT should have displayed an error
* Fix FAT filesystem driver to allow PC-98 HDI images to load that
* have headcount == 0 in the BPB.
* Fix Adlib emulation not to register a mapper handler if emulation
* will jump to PC-98 mode, and fix mapper handler to check if Adlib
* emulation is loaded to avoid segfault.
* Add "recording" volume to control the loudness of the audio going
* out to capture (WAV, AVI, etc.)
* Separate mixer rendering from master volume. Apply master volume
* at the sound card only, leave audio at full volume for recording
* (WAV, AVI, etc. capture).
* dosbox.conf and command line option to log CON driver output to
* a file. Anything written to STDOUT/CON by a DOS application is
* logged this way.
* --time-limit command line option to put a time limit on the
* emulator, in seconds.
* Keyboard shortcut for the mapper UI no longer leaves keys "stuck"
* in the guest to cause problems when you exit the mapper UI.
* Fixed code mistake that caused OpenGL NB output when dosbox.conf
* specified output=opengl
* Mapper layout fixes:
* Shortcut buttons (on the right hand side of the UI) fixed to
* become two columns wide if the button text won't fit in one
* Some shortcut button titles shortened.
* Mapper UI updated to show which bindings are being activated by
* hilighting buttons in the UI.
* Mapper UI modifier buttons indicate status through hilighting.
* Mapper UI joystick buttons and axes now use hilighting to indicate
* that there is input from the device.
* Mapper fix for 4-axis joysticks that may count zero buttons, and
* then crash (divide by zero) when the user pushes a button on the
* joystick device.
* BIOS emulation now allows you to specify binary blobs to execute
* in the guest system as part of startup. One can be specified to
* execute just after CPU reset/power-on, and the other just before
* is provided for both automated testing and for the curious who
* may want to venture into low level ASM hacking.
* INTRO.COM fixed to accept keyboard input correctly in both
* PC-98 and IBM PC mode. You can now browse the help text properly
* in either mode.
* DOS shell fixed to accept DOSKEY-like input in both IBM PC and
* PC-98 mode (including arrow keys, F3, tab completion, etc.)
* DOS CON emulation now provides function keys (F1-F10) in PC-98 mode.
* DOS CON emulation fixed to process PC-98 BIOS codes and generate
* PC-98 ANSI escapes as real hardware normally does.
* Mapper no longer shows two sets of the shortcuts (one overlaid
* over the keyboard), registration bug fixed.
* PC-98 keyboard interrupt handler now handles CTRL key and
* passes most keys as-is down through INT 18h now.
* Removed non-recursive page fault option. It is now always on,
* except for internal cases where it needs to be off for callback
* instructions to do their work properly.
* Removed dynamic x86 core. It is old and unmaintained code that
* is incompatible with the non-recursive page fault system.
* IRQ cascade interrupt fixes and cleanup.
* BAT files given on the command line fixed to occur AFTER the
* registration of ULTRASND and BLASTER environment variables.
* PC-98: DOS CON emulation fixed to decode Shift-JIS itself,
* with consideration that some proprietary double-byte encodings
* yield single-wide characters. DOS program using NEC's proprietary
* box/line drawing characters this way should display properly now.
* DOSBox shell "greeting" now displays a proper box in PC-98 mode
* instead of framing the text in rows and columns of Katakana. (basic2004)

download https://github.com/joncampbell123/dosbox-x

via http://www.emucr.com/2018/01/dosbox-x-20180129.html

May 24th, 2018, 10:20
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