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May 29th, 2008, 09:35
Hey, I'm having a problem while trying to downgrade my PSP Slim running OFW 3.73. I used that TotalNewbie Easy Installer thing, and I'm pretty sure I did everything the right way, but when I put in the Datel TOOL battery I just got, I see a blank screen.

Now, I know that this is normal on a Slim, but the readme in the installer said that once you have all the files extracted to the PSP, you just ignore the blank screen, and just press X to install the CFW. I press X, but nothing happens, and I don't hear the little sounds that you usually hear when the PSP is processing something. Then, when I boot the PSP with the normal battery, I can see all those apps that were installed, but if I try to run any of them, it just goes back to the menu screen and gives me the message "This game cannot be launched" or something like that. I'm thinking I'm missing some important files that I need or something... but I'm not sure. I get really overwhelmed by stuff like this.

I'm totally lost... I hope someone can help me, I'm new here, and I don't know how frequented this board is.

Also, if I'm posting this in the wrong place or something, sorry in advance.

By the way, here's some excerpts from the readme for the installer that seem most relevant to my problem, in case that helps.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

Slim Pandora for FW 3.60: (Option 3)

Insert the pandora battery and the memory stick in the psp slim. It will boot. You won't see
anything on the screen, because that kernel doesn't support the slim screen, but it is OK, you
don't need a screen for the installation of 3.60 M33.

From here, you have 3 options:

- Press X to install M33. The process will last just few seconds, since the installer only
needs to install the M33 custom prx's and IPL. After the process is finished, the installer
will shutdown the psp automatically.

- Press L+R+triangle to uninstall M33 and go back to original 3.60. Note: this can't unbrick a
psp slim, it will just remove M33 ipl. There is currently no unbricker for the psp slim, but
we plan on doing one in the future.
After uninstallation, psp will be shutdown automatically.

- Press square to dump the PSP Slim nand. Watch out: you need 66 MB of free space in the
memory stick for this, otherwise your memory stick may end corrupted.

This option uses the team C+D nand dumper. When the memory stick orange led stops blinking,
the process will have finished, and you can either shutdown the psp, or use one of the two
previous options.

NOTE:I tried this method along with the next one... honestly, I have no idea which one I needed to do.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

Universal Unbrick: (Option 4)

- Press X to install 3.71M33-2.

Like I said, I tried this and nothing happened. Honestly, I don't know if I'm using an outdated installer or anything...

- Press O to install original 3.71 (rest of the process as the X option)

I tried pressing pretty much every button, but nothing happened...

PS: and I have a question in case anyone replies. If I'm missing anything, I think I'm missing some stuff you get from the Phat PSP, because I never had one and don't know anyone I can borrow one from. I see so many different guides saying different things, some say you HAVE to have the phat PSP, some say you don't need it if you do this or that. My head's practically spinning from all of that crap. :) So I just want an answer... do I, or do I not need a phat PSP?

May 30th, 2008, 02:16
Okay, I've tried using that Despertar Cemetario thing, but I still get the black screen with the TOOL battery, and when I press buttons nothing happens. Sorry about seeming like such an idiot, but this is all really confusing to me... can't anyone give me some advice or something? A walkthrough would be helpful... one that isn't murky in the most confusing spots, which is what I've seen so far.

June 28th, 2008, 08:43
Hi, i'm not too sure but i'll give it a try, i've done quite a few installations on a phat psp but haven't actually tried doing a slim one yet. Does the system info say m33 at the back after installation? if it does then you probably did things right. A reason why the game cannot be launch error pops up would be because you haven't set the m33 driver? If its just this problem then you just have to press select when you're in normal menu screen and then think it was under m33 driver you choose sony n6990 or something. Hope this is somehow a help.

Final note, did you have to downgrade to 3.60 OFW before you installed 3.60 m33 and then upgrade to 3.71 m33? or did you just go straight from 3.73 OFW to 3.71 m33, thanks


October 28th, 2008, 14:23
hi i think i may no whats wrong. Try downloading psp pandora deluxe. if not then buy a new battery at shops. if i'm just being a nuisance tell me i'll go. search it on youtube. i'm 13 and i have a psp too.

October 29th, 2008, 00:07
what operating system are you on? you need to use xp to create a magic mem stick. if the mem stick was prepared incorectly, then it will not do anything. when you push x, does the mem stick light blink? if so, then its created correctly. and as for the noise it makes when its "processing something", thats the umd drive, you wont hear it if your running stuff off of the memory stick.

lee burston
March 24th, 2009, 23:21
I have a question and hopfully someone can answer this. I am on windows vista on a 64 bit procssesor system i have been trying and trying and trying to hack my slim version of my psp and i keep getting the error message saying that my computer has the incorrect copatability to install the firmware i have been sending alooooot of messages to this question and i get no answers back. please please please help before i loose my mind what firmware should i download for my computer to my psp?????????