View Full Version : pleeeaaase help, realy important

May 29th, 2008, 17:17
i got this really annoying problem with recording my ps3 footage, im trying to make a no-scope montage for cod4, but i dont have a capture card, and i dont have any money really, i spent it all so money isnt really an option. basically, i have a dvd/vcr recorder and im trying to use that to record, i've hooked it up, done all the settings, i can see the screen fine, BUT, here comes the problem, it wont let me record on a DVD, the disk is re-writable, has been erased, but it wont let me record, when i press record, it says no tape inside, so i put a blank tape in, that records fine, but i cant edit that can i, so whats the point in using a tape. so then i try agaain with the dvd, but every time i press DVD, it goes to the main menu and wont display ps3 screen. im using a scart block and i've tried messing around with the scart sockets but nothing seems to work. please some1 help.