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April 15th, 2018, 21:30
i actually had an acorn computer back when i was a kid, its awesome to relive the old days

Atomulator v1.28 is released. Atomulator is a free, open source Acorn Atom emulator for Windows and Linux.

Atomulator v1.28 Changelog:
Fixed some crashes with when rewinding and ejecting tapes
UEF tape input now correctly handles high tone length in UEF
UEF tape high frequency changed from 2518Hz to 2403Hz
Fixed a Linux GUI issue in sound settngs menu
Pollsound now runnng at 31.250KHz ^G beep much cleaner

download http://atomulator.acornatom.co.uk/

via http://www.emucr.com/2018/04/atomulator-v128.html