View Full Version : Nidhogg 2 is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch

November 26th, 2018, 15:59
Nidhogg 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch, allowing would-be meat sacks everywhere to duke it out on the go. On the bus, in a park, or trapped in the dank, godforsaken dungeons of a lost civilization, the wurm welcomes your tribute.

Whether you feel the urge to play in Handheld Mode, docked and on a TV, or on the Switch itself with Joy-Cons in hand, Nidhogg 2 has you covered (in gore, most likely). Stab, slash, throw, slide, divekick, impale, roll, cleave, shoot, and sprint your way into the wurm’s good graces - and stomach - in this fleshy game of tug-of-war.

Expanding upon the award-winning gameplay of its predecessor, Nidhogg 2 offers up new weapons, new levels, new ways to customize your slaughter, fashion-forward character customization, a grotesquely captivating art style courtesy of Toby Dixon, and sounds for your ear holes by acclaimed electronic artists Mux Mool, Geotic, Doseone, Osborne, and Daedelus.
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Nidhogg 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC (Win/Mac), PS4, and Xbox One. For more on everybody’s favourite stabby tug-of-war simulator, follow Messhof Games’ Steam developer page (http://email.terminalsmail.com/c/eJytUFtuxCAMPA35ywoIr3zwsW3Va0QWOBukBCJAuz1-ySL1BJUsyzO2xxp7KxVoNwRrlDCSajoiqnlkDM1oKJOj4JRRWC lV4EcmBTfzrBUnglbMR4iwlwPCfnPpGDaLVHEm9YrSTZNCDbMx 4KRnk-DKIxt2u9V6FjLdCf9uUWrKeCsV4TjTCzP6S6k1PD5xTyfmVh9Y ypbWobjFQwVL9Afh_GLhgUvwDbwF-T-YuLT4Z8sZV8ylS9NO1dThpGbRmTX3jb-REEuF6LCTjOivIduMz4Cv0s4d8ONSLGnH98OqdXvAWBfX7EN4x F_hyHVH) and Twitter (http://email.terminalsmail.com/c/eJytkN1qBCEMhZ_GuZuirr8XXmxb-hpDxom7wugsKt0-fp0V-gSFEDgfOSchm5MKtJ-iM0oYSTWdEZWdGUMzG8rkLDhlFAKlCraZScGNtVpxImjDkmKGv SaI-5s_0nR3Zl09oyiEtqCAo1zlyjEwDKsRlsppd_fWHpVcroR_9Wr P2HrQae8qYa33I0zVLxs0cES_E85PCjdc4tbFy8n_4dozi3_0X jBgqSOaDtSOIS_KikFCGY6_kZhrg-xxQEb051Rcwe-Iz9rXJfjxR67Hjq_PNOf3iLktHtID4i3_Am3mbRU).