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June 2nd, 2008, 23:18
So there is this great DS homebrew that I stumbled upon that lets me make Japanese flash cards. The only problem is that the text is black and so is the background... It has not been updated in about a year, but the author included the source code. I was wondering if it was possible at all to change the background color so the text is readable?

If someone could take a look or show me how I'd greatly appreciate it!

Source code and download at the bottom of page:


Source code link:


Edit, I did some poking around with the source code myself and to my untrained eye it does look correct. =\

PA_Init8bitBg(1, 3); // For the text on the top screen...

PA_InitText(1,0); //Tell it to use text on top screen, background number 0

PA_SetTextCol(1, 0, 0, 0); //set text on top screen to be black

PA_SetBgColor(0,PA_RGB(31,31,31)); //set bottom background color to white

PA_SetBgColor(1,PA_RGB(31,31,31)); //set top background color to white

PA_SetBgPalCol(0, 1, PA_RGB(0, 0, 0)); // Set the drawing color to black

PA_SetDrawSize(0, 2); // set size of the drawing

PA_SetBgPalCol(1, 1, PA_RGB(0, 0, 0)); //jap text color to black