View Full Version : QUERY: post-pandora files... what are they?

June 4th, 2008, 12:06
Initially when I formated my memory stick I had these files/folders:

\MEMSTICK.IND (readonly & hidden)
\MSTK_PRO.IND (readonly & hidden)

After installing & setting up Pandora I notice these additional files/folders:

\kd\ (massive folder with lots of elf,prx files

Is it okay to delete all of these since they were not originally on my memory stick? If not, then what is the significance of the \PSP\GAME\UPDATE\ folder? That's probably the Pandora icon I see in my menu...

EDIT: whoops, I just checked the 1.50addon v2 for 3.71M33 and that is what the GAME\UPDATE folder is. So it was okay to delete that (I think!)

EDIT: just found \PSP\GAME150\pandora_battery & \PSP\GAME150\pbfirm_install folders. Safe to delete?

June 4th, 2008, 12:49
Thats ur Magic/Jigkick Memory Stick contents.

If you dun plan to use MMS/Pandora for emergency (in case you brick your PSP one day), then you can safely format that stick, via window (I think!). :D

My suggestion keep that one aside, get another stick for ur daily usage.

June 5th, 2008, 10:03
Basically the pandora tutorial for fat psp isn't clear as to what files are generated, what files are temp and can be deleted and what files are important and must NOT be deleted.

1. I assume the \eeprom.bin & \msipl.bin files in root folder are some binary dumps and probably can be deleted.

2. Some people told me you can delete the \kd & \registry folders... others say not to.

3. I just found \PSP\GAME150\pandora_battery & \PSP\GAME150\pbfirm_install folders. I guess this was the pandora installer/setup. Safe to delete?

June 6th, 2008, 12:32
Yes, what I should really do is perform a "proof of concept" type/like to see whether my pandora battery jig & magic stick really works.

I will play about to see what happens with & without folders \kd\, \registry\, \eeprom.bin & \msipl.bin.

So I guess these four files are the magic files, eh?

Will report back with what actually happens during a pandora reset. I thought pandora unbricks & resets PSP firmware back to 1.50? If so, then shouldn't it need the 1.50 firmware somewhere on the magic stick? But everyone has told me it was safe to delete the 150.pbp file.... hmmm... let's see what happens... probably my pandora will brick my perfectly working non-bricked PSP??!?!

June 6th, 2008, 15:17
If you need Pandora for something (unbrick, maintenance,etc...) you should keep these files. It wont work properly or it wont boot without some files. If you delete mspl.bin or an file from kd and register folder it wont boot in service-mode or restore flash1 after unbrick. Eeprom.bin is the dump of the eeprom of the battery so you should backup it if you want revert your battery to normal state, but it can be deleted. The files in GAME150 can be deleted... they arent needed in service mode. Where are the update file neeeded to install 1.50/3.XX firmware ? In pandora is UPDATE.PBP in root of MS or 3xx.PBP in Despertar Cementerio, there´s no one in the files that you related.

I use my Pandora and Despertar Cementerio MS for gaming without problems, but of course i dont overwrite or delete these files.

June 6th, 2008, 19:24
I think I confused a lot of people including myself. When I said that am finished with pandora I mean I finished creating the pandora battery and magic stick... but still awaiting for the day my PSP bricks and I have to use my magic stick.

Since I found out that the pandora I made is the old classic pandora from last year... I am now wanting to create the new pandora for slim/fat... or the ultimate pandora... hoping one day in near future I will get slim (no, am not fat).

So, question 1: do I need to revert my pandora battery back to normal? Question 2: since I already formatted the magic stick, will formatting it again for new/ultimate pandora magic stick be ok?

June 6th, 2008, 22:42
To use ur PSP normally, you need to revert back ur battery to original status.

It is ok to format ur MS & later re-create a new MMS.