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June 4th, 2008, 23:35
Hi everyone.

I'm having a strange problem with DSOrganize on my EDGE card.

I'm not totally sure if this is specifically an EDGE problem, MicroSD card problem, or a DSOrganize problem?

OK... to start, my EDGE OS is properly set up. I can boot, load an *** rom, and play.

I have:
A Black DS Lite
An EDGE card (purchased from modchip.ca, arrived last week)
A SanDisk 128mb MicroSD card (yes, its 128mb. LOL.) - formatted once as FAT32, then tried regular FAT.

I decided to try DSOrganize. (I've tried this with 3 different versions of DSOrganize - the latest 3.2, then 3.1, and now 2.3 Green.)

Knowing that patching is important with homebrew apps, I installed the DLDIrc app (great tool!), and for my flash card I selected "DSLink (microSD Card)", as it seemed like the only MicroSD card driver available in the list.

So here is the problem I face with DSOrganize: Nothing saves!
1) I'll create a scribble drawing (giving it a basic name like "LIS", and when I'm done, I'll hit the Left Shoulder button to Save it.. it'll take a half-second, and act like its saved. When I go back to my scribbles it says "no scribbles saved".
2) Any to-do list items LOOK like theyre saved, but the actual text of the items i create don't show.
3) Any reminders I set on any day will look like they save, but as soon as I leave the screen and come back, they are gone.

There is also another strange problem I have noticed. I once figured I should delete DSOrganize (and all it's files) and start fresh. There was one file in the DSOrganize folder that simply won't delete (i think it was wifi.xxx - can't remember the extension). So I gave up and formatted and started over.

Anyway... in conclusion, I've tried all 3 versions of DSOrganize (both patched AND unpatched), and I get the same result.

Does anyone have any input? It would be appreciated.


August 12th, 2008, 11:58
I don't really why it doesn't work on your cartridge.

try downloading the latest firmware for edge (http://xdupe.free.fr/assets/files/nintendo_ds/linkers/edge/EDGE_OS_v1.37.zip) (v1.37) and putting it on your cartridge.

About DLDI patch, there is automatic dldi patch with the Edge so you don't have to apply the patch on DSOrganize.

I hope it will work with DSOrganize v3.2 then

August 13th, 2008, 01:45
It looks the same problem here with the following combinations:

2x Nintendo DS lite
1x Edge card (04/2008)
1x Edge firmware 1.34
1x Edge firmware 1.37
1x SD card 2 GB Kingston FAT32
1x SD card 2 GB K-data FAT

DS Organize 3.2

DS organize doesn't save anything that is visible with the DSO application.

If I have a look on the card with DSO explorer, then the saved files are there (with filesize) but unreadable within the application.

With the calendar the date becomes red, but my text is not visible, with explorer you find a DPL file and a REM file.

I can make and change a contact, but if I leave the application and open it again, I can't see any contact.
With explorer again I see the VCF file.

If I open the Vcard file with MSWindows then you can read normally the VCF file, but now you get an error that this file is unreadable.

DS organize saves data, but I think it is corrupted and unreadable.

The saves from the games give no problems

Anyone an idea?

The combination?

R4 works OK with v 3.2, the same SD cards and DSL's