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June 10th, 2008, 00:41
New version of the rom manager (http://mypieceoftheinter.net) for PC.


* cleaned-up and documented code for increased efficiency and to get FRI ready for open sourcing
* Relative paths are now fully supported. This means that the user can now put all of his ROMs and Emulators with FRI onto a removable data storage device and have FRI work no matter what drive letter the host operating system assigns the storage device.
* ROMís locations are now stored relative to the Library Folder that they are associated with. This means that if you move a whole Library Folder to another location, you can simply tell FRI that folderís new location and all of the ROMís file paths will be updated.
* Reorganized menu bar
* FRI can now use a master FRI database as a reference for filling in missing information in the userís ROM library. (This feature will be further developed in the coming weeks.)
* New file icon:
* New title bar icon:
* FRI now displays the "waiting" cursor when it is processing information.
* FRI now remembers the userís last search when it is opened
* The Note Editor now opens centered on the FRI window
* The status bar now displays more relevant information about the number of ROMs displayed, selected, and in the library in a more logical way.

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