View Full Version : Creating Pandora Battery but gives me error (Game cannot be run no matter what I do)

June 13th, 2008, 04:06
I'm trying to create a Pandora Battery and up to now I've followed the steps down to the letter, but when I comes to run the Install program, my PSP, no matter what I do, gives me the "Game cannot be started" error.

I've tried 1.50 kernel, 3.90 kernel + Game150, I've redone the whole thing again to see if it was a step I missed- nothing. My CFWed PSP won't even let me recover to 1.50 firmware to see if the eboot will at least run then!

Help me... please. O_____O

June 13th, 2008, 04:29
slim or phat?
what custom firmware?

You can hardware mod a battery to be a pandora,I've done 3.
Not for the faint of heart, you must not pop the silver bag or pack inside of the battery.Again many tutorials on youtube about it.Do you have the 1.50 kernel addon installed for your firmware(only phat)?
I may be slightly outdated in my info as I no longer have constant internet acess.Head to dax's webpage for everything you need.

June 13th, 2008, 04:42
I have a fat PSP... 3.90 M33-3 (this is the one I'm using to create the Magic Stick and the Pandora). Should have 1.50 kernel working, right? At least I've running plenty of homebrew without any problems. This is the first I have such a terrible problem with this.

And yeah, I know about the other way to Pandorize (I made up a new term! O_O) a battery, just don't wanna risk it.

Gonna go look around in DAX's page now... I haven't looked into Despertar del Cementerio yet... :/ Thanks for the response!

June 13th, 2008, 05:14
Well, finally got the installer to run (I feel silly right now- I had not installed the 1.50 kernel update from DAX)... Either, now, the bricked PSP just lights up the Memory Stick and WLAN and Power lights for a few seconds before turning off again. Needless to ask... Did I mess up?

Edit: GAH! I didn't mean to double post! X_x

Edit2: Okay this is weird. For no reason, I tried the battery on my okay PSP (the one I used to make the Pandora) and it works how it should be. O_O Does this mean the other PSP is NOT bricked? That I'll have to open it anyways? Oh boy oh boy... >_>

June 16th, 2008, 01:11
is the other psp a slim?
wich version of despertar del cementerio did you put on the magic memory stick?

I think I have despertar del cementerio v3 on mine, but there are two older versions, one that only works for the phat and installs 1.50 firmware and it doesn't work on psp slim, and after that, there is one that installs 3.71M33 but shows a black screen on the slim (maybe that is happening to you)

Try a newer version of despertar del cementerio