View Full Version : PSP Slim 3.90m33 + Time Machine (1.50+3.40)

June 21st, 2008, 03:22
I need help with Time Machine. First I guess it needs to be installed on a clean stick. I installed it on my magicstick and when I put the battery in holding O it went about reflashing my psp with 3.71 stock!!! :rofl: My big question is, the battery I use from now on the pandora battery? I ask cos I have a hard modded battery and it only turns on if I plug the ac in and it doesnt charge anymore. I have an extended battery do I just urn that into a pandora's battery? Im really confused. seems a hassle to have to take your battery in and out just to use 1.50 homebrew. So if anyone has any good tutorials or walkthroughs to point me at that would be great cos all I found was a youtube video.

June 28th, 2008, 17:09
your hard modded the battery wrong..... get a tool battery, then see if that works....... there is a download some where in torrents for the fullcopy of a mem stick, that should work, but it sounds like a battery problem.....