View Full Version : PSX on PSP - Corruption Problem

June 24th, 2008, 01:18
Hey all. I know there are topics on this problem out there but I have been unable to find a solution to my problem. I have gotten psx on psp to work before. In fact, Megaman 8 on my PSP is fully functional. However, I used to have Megaman X5 and it worked for a while but then the icon on the xmb was replaced with a corrupted icon and I couldn't run it. Besides those two games, I can rarely find a game that will work, even if it's supposed to work according to the compatibility lists. They all just appear as corrupted icons, or it says it's corrupted when I try to load an ISO. I currently have a fat PSP with 3.80m33. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

June 26th, 2008, 00:28
I have had the same problem before, for example the file was named PSX.Dead.or.Alive.NTSC.U.by.asdhasdhssgh and it showed up as corrupted but when i named the file dead or alive it worked fine, give it a try it may work for you. You also need to change the psx iso into an eboot to run on a psp im nearly sure, to do this i use popstationgui.

June 26th, 2008, 14:51
Thanks for your reply. I have tried using smaller names, and yes, I use the eboot after converting with a popstationgui. Unfortunately I don't believe either of those is the problem. Any other ideas? Perhaps my popstationGUI is bad.