View Full Version : the red ring of death (bullshit)

June 29th, 2008, 10:03
i just brought a broken xbox 360 console off eBay
that only had a screen problem, and the game plays but there is no picture and had a seal on it.

what a croc i just got made!!!! this pawn shop owner just riped me off!!! $100
had a rrod kit attached with 8 bolts attaches instead of the x clamps. this person attempted to fix the ring of death and failed. i opened up the console and found no heat conduction compound on the heat sinks. replaced heat compound, them begin to assemble the console.
turned it on still red rings of death. got angry at the console began to press all buttons on the console for 15 mins. things started to happen the console began to work. the heat sinks melted the compound firmly on the heat sinks and now the console works like a dream. ring of death is no more.

don't give up on your console Evan how stubborn it is just a simple heat can fix the problem. because i believe there is a form of protection that it runs a diagnostic before it gets to the 360 logo, to prevent the system to melt down and catch fire. an example just remove your av cable it will show an error.
thats all it is!!! the ring of death is only an error!!!

give it a try!!!!