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M Dash
June 30th, 2008, 17:28
hey there people.

I'm having problems with the latest version of this emu....
I used to have an older version and everything was working OK... But now...

OK, here goes: I tried to convert the kof98n.zip rom. Used the converteer, in slim mode (which only converts the C roms to use them has cache).

I put it in the correct folder (ms0:\PSP\GAME\mvspsp\cache\kof98n_cache is this case)

I put the zip that has the other roms in the roms folder (P roms, S rom, M rom, V roms, you know...)

OK, technically, this is all needed, but when I load the game, I always get the could not allocate cache error...

I even tried to put the full rom in the roms folder, and the cache files in the chace folder, but it doesn't work...

I'm on slim, I used both mvspsp_2.3.1_3.xx_user and mvspsp_2.3.1_for_slim versions and both gave me the same.

my psp is Slim with 3.90 M33-3 FW.

any help plz?? tnx in advance

P.S.: I also tried the same process with version 2.2.5 for PSP Slim and same thing happens.... What's wrong??

P.S. 2: here's the log of the emu:

Loading "242-v4.bin" (this seems ok, now after this...)
Could not allocate memory for sprite data.
Try to use sprite cache...
Loading cache information data...
Could not open cache file.
Press any button.

and then returns to the rom select screens.... any ideas?? thanks...

July 1st, 2008, 10:49
eew, like i said at MaxC, get proper MAME 0.20 rom. :)

M Dash
July 1st, 2008, 17:26
I found out what's the problem:

If you are using a ROM that's (set 2) or (prototype) or (not encrypted) etc, they generally come like:



They use the parent ROM


SO, the cache must be from the parent ROM BUT the zip folder must be the files from the rom you are trying to use.

Figured that out when I used kof98n with th kof98 parent C rom cache.

eew, like i said at MaxC, get proper MAME 0.20 rom. :)

Thanks anyways. :)