View Full Version : Dig Dug strikes gold

October 5th, 2005, 20:50
Namco's pump-wielding spelunker is leaving his subterranean confines in favor of the factory, as Dig Dug Digging Strike for the Nintendo DS has gone gold and will hit shelves later this month.

Where previous Dig Dug games have been entirely subterranean in nature, Digging Strike brings the action above ground as well, using the top screen to give a top-down overworld view and the bottom screen to showcase a more-familiar Dig Dug perspective, where the player's actions can reshape the world above.

Players will earn a selection of weapons as they progress through more than 80 levels, as well as unlock new abilities and content, like minigames based on old Namco games Hori-X and Hoivalou. A wireless multiplayer mode is also included.