View Full Version : PSN boss disses Xbox Live's interface, game delisting

July 4th, 2008, 00:59
No sooner does Sony (briefly) improve the PS3 user interface with the much-talked-about version 2.4 firmware update, than some at the company feel cocky enough to start badmouthing the competition's interface. Speaking to Next-Gen, PlayStation Network Director of Operations Eric Lempel took the bait in taking a few moments to compare Sony's redesigned PlayStation Store to Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace. "I think if I look over at the competitors' UI they may have some issues just displaying content," Lempel said, "and scrolling up and down lists isn't the easiest way to find things." Tell that to McSweeny's, why don'tcha?

Lempel also pointedly pointed out that the PlayStation Store interface has "a lot of room with virtual shelf space to put a lot of things," a not-so-subtle jab at Microsoft's recently announced plan to de-list some Xbox Live Arcade games. "Depending on what type of UI you have you can accommodate a lot of titles," Lempel continued, "and specifically with our new store redesign which launched back in April we have a great ability to merchandise a wide variety of titles." That's all well and good, assuming your PS3 is currently working.


July 4th, 2008, 03:52
I love this:

Lempel said, "and scrolling up and down lists isn't the easiest way to find things."

Hmm, so how about ditching that shitty system with the XMB and make it more user friendly? Come on Sony, don't be arrogant assholes, considering 2.4 had to be pulled the same day it released...