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July 6th, 2008, 14:30
I've been looking for a good and working universal remote for my PSP for a while. I played around back when 1.50 was king with Universal Remote but it doesn't seem to have been developed for over a year. Likewise IR Shell appears to have been abandoned and isn't working on 4.01 m33.
Therfore I'm wondering if there are any alternatives, or 1.00 firmware builds of old remote control applications that would run on the later firmwares or is the only answer using a 1.50 kernal plugin.

Any help or even links to source of existing applications would be appreciated.

P.S. I'm also aware that sony removed the IR controller files from flash (around firmware 3.60?) and that one would need to replace them. Would these be present in a 1.50 plugin if this is the only way to get it working?

July 6th, 2008, 15:16
this patcher was released not long ago.