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July 7th, 2008, 00:20
My brother got a PSP slim for his birthday to replace his fat 3.52 M33...I have a fat 3.52 M33 also. My PSP wouldn't update to the new custom firmwares* so I made a pandora battery and magic memory stick and went to 1.50...then got distracted into using the pandora on the slim using different instructions.

I used this and one using a pc program called Disinter V2.0...neither works.

On Disinter, with the Pandora Installer it installs, I go on format, it says it's checking the EBOOT.PBP, then it says it's installing the firmware to the card but the light's not blinking. It says it takes awhile, but damn...I think it's just not responding. I waited...awile.
Right when you go on the Pandora Installer provided by disinter, it says on the bottom error loading/starting kstuff.prx, then when formating it says error while initializing sometimes...other times it does as I said before.

On the crappy instructions on pspupdates, I end up with a working battery(orange light automatically goes on)...but the stick wont work.

Does the msinst really ask you to press y? It didn't for me...mabey I did something wrong there.

It it wrong for me to do this(on the fat) in 1.50? Didn't get a chance to update it yet.

Are there PSPs that don't work with pandora anymore?

*During school in the winter,when walking to school one day...I drank some Jolt Cola closed the cap(NOTE that Jolt is known for high pressure. You get a loud pop when you open it.) and I put it in my sweater pocket with my PSP to get my headphones....the top blew off soaking my PSP. It didn't work for 3 days and to this day, it smells like Jolt BLUE.
This may have something to do with not being able to update(like the memory in the PSP is frozen or something...dunno.)...but then again I was able to downgrade.

July 7th, 2008, 01:28
Okay...I'm getting the latest custom firmware with wifi, mabey making the pandora stuff would work better on the new firmware.

Er...off-topic, I'm rarely here. What does Casino cash mean?

July 7th, 2008, 05:16
Nevermind....I got it to work eventially.