View Full Version : Moonshell 1.7 Custom Clocks - HELP

Another World
July 14th, 2008, 04:26
i've been messing around with the custom clock plugin for moonshell 1.7.

as of now i can't get the 'temp' to display on any clock, be it a custom theme or one of the defult downloaded clocks (packaged with the homebrew release). i'm not sure what the issue is, if its not supported, if it ever worked - looking for some more info on this.

i find that any image i add to the custom clock appears fine on the pc but on the ds looks high contrast and washed out. can anyone comment and what type of files load best into the custom clock tool as backgrounds?

the premade (included with homebrew download) clock called 'clk_vu' never displays correctly. the date appears all jumbled up and isn't working the way it should. has anyone had luck running this custom clock?

finally what is the way to go about making my own fonts for the clock? i'm curious how the image works exactly, how to layout the characters, what image formats work best, etc.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

-another world