View Full Version : Winuae 1.5.1 beta 5 released

July 14th, 2008, 18:55
New version of the Amiga emulator (http://www.winuae.net/) for Windows.


- avi recording crash if only audio recording was enabled
- native dll support fixed
- do not enable second Z3 board if RAM limit reached (=decrease Z3 size) and Z3 size is smaller than 256M (4M+2M combination for example is quite stupid..)
- adjusted max RAM limit calculation (max RAM + max page file instead of currently available RAM + max page file)
- sound adjustments, previously it was possible to lock non-safe portion of directsound sound buffer causing glitches in some cases (which may or may have never happened)
- SuperEagle, Super2xSaI and 2xSaI 32-bit color support added
- disable filter if filter size multiplier is too big for configured display size (instead of overflowing buffers..)
- resolution and doubling setting change on the fly updates filter centering
- added -ddsoftwarecolorkey command line option. Workaround for buggy Intel integrated laptop chipset Vista graphics driver causing non- transparent (pink rectangle) RTG hardware cursor
- (new AHI driver will be only available after 1.5.1)