View Full Version : Wii shows black screen immediately when turned on

July 14th, 2008, 22:34
Hi everyone,

I got this problem last week with my Wii. I have this pre-modded Wii (with D2CKey) from Japan for a month now and have been using it without any problems. Two weeks ago I updated the firmware to 3.3J, and applied the Twilight Hack a couple of days later succesfully.

Last week however, the Wii sorta became bricked. All cables are plugged in correctly. Supposedly, all this happened after ejecting a disc during gameplay followed by this message showing "please return disc", but instead of putting the disc back in, someone turned it off. Now, when I turn on the Wii, all i see is a black screen without any sounds or text.

These are the symptoms:
- Red light shows up when plugged in (tv displays the message "no signal")
- When turned on it switches to the green light, and then the tv shows a black screen. no health & safety screen whatsoever. Nothing appears on screen (not even a message with an error code)
- DVD-drive is still working (it still ejects and it still lights up)
- Shutting down the Wii is still possible with holding down the power button
- WiiMotes weren't synced anymore. Resyncing doesn't work either. (Wiimotes are still detectable with my cell phone though)

Here are the things I've tried:
- clearing all the syncs by holding the sync button for at least 15 seconds
- removing the batteries of the wiimotes for a few hours
- removing the battery of the Wii for a few hours
- removing all the cables of the Wii for a few hours

Can anyone tell me what's going on? How could I possibly fix this? I'm willing to try anything. Thanks in advance