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November 7th, 2004, 12:30
Gamikaze (http://www.gamikaze.org/) has several news items about Beats of Rage Mod Releases etc, here they are:[br][b]MorphOS BOR port Released[br]Just to let you know there is now a MorphOS port of BOR available.[br][br]It lacks sound and joystick support (the later one should come quickly) but apart from that is fully functionnal.[br][br]link: www.gamikaze.org/files/bor/downloads/morphbor.zip[br][br][b]Mortal Kombat Konquest Trailer[br]A Mortal Kombat Konquest gameplay trailer is avaliable Here (http://www.gamikaze.org/files/bor/MKK/MKKTrailer.wmv) [br][br][b] Remove Neill Port Screen for Dc bor mods!! Fixed 1st_read!![br][br] Here is the 1st_read.bin to use from all bor.paks for dc. Now u can have what Megaman-WOTP has... NO Neil port loading screen!!! [br][br]Get it here: http://dev.dcemulation.com/bormod/1ST_READ.BIN[br][br]Thanks to Gamikaze for all of those items.